Sit Down! @ Internationale Spieltage 2021 (DE-Essen)

Please select below the right kind of appointment.

You represent a distributor

We are always looking to expand our distribution network. Please note that we have strong partners in some countries for which we do not search for any other partner: FR BE NL LU UK DE AT CH DK SE NO FI AU NZ CA US.

Duration: 1 hour

You are a journalist / youtuber / blogger…

Sophie will be delighted to showcase our 2021 novelties (Dive, Rush Out! & Dexterity Jane) as well as Pachamama (currently crowdfunded on Gamefound) and some other surprises… if there is some time left.

Duration: 30 minutes

You represent a factory

We are always looking to expand or network of partners to manufacture our games.

Duration: 30 minutes


If your activity does not match with any of the above, then please choose this one.

This year, designers have the opportunity to present their prototype to three publishers at the same time: Sit Down!, Ludonaute & Blue Cocker. But a selection has to be made…

Please, go through the following process:

  1. Do not book any meeting slot here (it would be cancelled afterward!)
  2. Send us the selling sheet of your game at info[a]
  3. Wait for our answer. If one of us (Sit Down! or Ludonaute or Blue Cocker) is interested in your game, then we will give you access to another Youcanbookme URL where you will be allowed to book a meeting slot.

Duration: 30 minutes

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